Tiger Truck Stop
See Live Tigers! - Grosse Tete, LA,  Dec 3, 2000

Just one of the MANY Exxon Stations in Texas
This one is on the Seawall - Galveston.
One immediately thinks of Exxon when you mention there is a Tiger Truck Stop.  No, I'm afraid this one is different.  It starts like this:

On the way to LSU in Baton Rouge, I noticed the sign at the side of I-10 near Grosse Tete.  No doubt I had to check this place out!  As soon as drove in, I could tell this place is highly tigerrific - A Tiger Restaurant, Gas Station and yes, the cage with the live tigers.

See Live Tigers - WOW!

One frustrated Tiger!  Look at the heavy iron bars!
Exactly like being in prison.  He growled!
I couldn't help notice the amount of steel between myself and the Tigers.  Yes, folks, these are dangerous animals.  No doubt about it, since I would be dangerous too in that kind of cage.  Not suprising the caged area also reaked to high heaven.

Finally I should point out that conveniently, the truckers' showers were next to the Tiger Den.  Well, how about that!  Imagine taking a shower, then getting quite a suprise after the steam settles.  A stripey friend blocking the door, staring at you and licking his chops!  It can happen, given the proximity.  I suspect it does happen to those truckers who don't pay their diesel bills !

When my flash went off, as I took these pictures, the Tiger roared at me!  Goes right through you!

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