Featuring "Mike" the real-live Tiger mascot!
Sunday Dec 3, 2000

The famous LSU Clocktower
Lousiana State Univeristy (LSU), located in Baton Rouge, the state capital, has an absolutely beautiful campus.  Most of the buildings are made of a very eye-pleasing yellow sandstone, with a distinct Hispainc architecture.  But that wasn't the main reason for my visit.  No, I had come to see Mike!  Who's Mike you ask?  He is a real live Bengal Tiger, the School Mascot!

In case you haven't guessed by now the school colors are purple and yellow.

The Tiger Cheer is "Geaux Tigers!", pronounced "Go Tigers!".  Has a distinct French sound, doesn't it?  That's because Baton Rouge was originally settled by the French. 

LSU Football Stadium - Geaux Tigers!

Field with an eye catching insignia!

The LSU Scoreboard.  Football oriented
The Stadium is old, and looks it.  Incidentally they built it the same time they got their first Tiger (Mike 1), in 1936.  Originaly designed as both a stadium and student residence, and still that way.  Looked like a rather dingy place to live, but hey, it is handy for the games; just don't forget to paint your body purple and yellow if you do attend.  Show the Tiger spirit - Geaux Tigers!

LSU went a step further than most other Tiger schools - by getting a real live one called Mike!  The first Mike came in 1936 and was named after his trainer, Mike Chambers, as explained by the plaque at left.   Of course, 64 years later they have gone thru several Mikes.  Mike V has lived at LSU since 1990.  Incidentally the first Mike has been stuffed and now sits in the Zoological Museum on Campus.  For some reason I had difficulty finding it, and all the buildings seem to close around 4:00pm so unfortunately that will have to wait for my next visit.

Mike is kept in a cage of course, safe from the students (or should I say, the students are kept safe from Mike?!)  The cage isn't too bad, and he appeared in pretty good sprits so I presume they pamper him quite well.  Still, don't think I would want to get in there with him.  He may be over 10 years old, but still very strong!

One year Mike did somehow get loose from his cage, and had free rein of the entire campus grounds!  His freedom was short lived of course - quickly captured without incident, but can you imagine, getting set for your Sunday jog across campus? You're tying your shoes, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you get a nice slurpy lick to the face!  What the --- ?  As you look up, there is a Tiger, licking his chops, probably thinking to himself "Hmmm, needs more salt!"

This page finishes off with a photo album of Mike.  Needless to say I spent a good couple hours getting as many pictures as I could!  Fortunately he was quite active, giving me plenty of opportunities for great pictures!  I just wish I brought some delicious sausages or something to feed him.. Watching a Tiger eat would be pretty interesting!

Here I am, with Mike.  Notice my LSU shirt!

Mike licking his chops!

An excellent pose, Mike!

Notice the tire he gets to play with.

Mike taking a nice rest.

Another g-r-r-eat shot!

Good look at the chain link AND 
metal bar fences betwen Mike and I!

One last g-r-r-eat shot!

I couldn't help notice this LSU fan near my place in Texas:

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