University of Auburn - Tigers
Sunday Jan 20, 2002
On the way back from Florida, I just had to visit Auburn, the home of Tiger Rags where I buy all my tigerrific shirts.  It's kind of ironic that I subscribe heavily to these shirts, yet up until this point, haven't even set foot in Alabama, much less Auburn.
Auburn is a college town located in the beautiful rolling hills of Alabama, not far from the Georgia state line.  US Route 29 took me right into the town, and after tuining left, I was on Gay St.  I knew right away this was the address of Tiger Rags, and sure enough there was the Sign - "Where Spirit Begins".  A perfect place to park my car and explore the town and university camput.  Being a Sunday, unfortunately most of the shops, including Tiger Rags were closed.  I was really hoping to meet some of the staff at Tiger Rags, such as Diane who takes my orders.  They are a tigerrific bunch of people.

The day was absolutely gorgeous.  Sunny and warm - couldn't ask for better.

The Campus

The main administration bldg.
With the famous clocktower.

Jordon Hare - Where the Tigers play.
Needless to say, Auburn has a number of Tigerrific businesses!

Tiger Parts!  On the road
between Opelika and Auburn.

Tiger Theater - yes this was built in '28!  Notice the cool tiger head.

Next to the Tiger Theater - this cool print shop!

Aubie's Ice Cream (Aubie is the name of Auburn's mascot
Tiger Merchandise

"Send 'em Back to Tuscaloser"

Here I am, taking a picture of some pretty cool tiger porcelain.

Two Glitzy Honda Gold WIngs - which had
everything on them  but the kitchen sink

This 1000cc Suzuki has been down as you can see.
The license plate reads "RU CRZY" - surely what other drivers must think!
Maybe his plate should read "IM CRZY" (!)

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