Motorcycle Trips - on a Tiger
I live to travel a lot.  And when I do, it pretty much has to be on two wheels.  My first bike was (and still is) a '72 BMW /5.  Wanting something newer, I "jumped" on this '99 Triumph Tiger which I got in 2001.  Check out the trips & rallies that I've done on this beast.
Seneca Rocks - July 2001 
Cass Scenic Railroad -  July 2001

Misc day trips - Jul/Aug 2001

Sherando Lake, VA - Labor Day weekend 2001

Baltimore Bike Show - Feb 2002

Classic British and European Bike Show - May 2002

Scott's Charity Ride - Jun 1, 2002

Triumph Come Home Rally - Jun 2002

Seneca Rocks - Jun 2002

BSA Rally - Catonia, OH - Aug 2002

Battle of the Brits, Detroit Mich - Sep 2002

My first track day - California Superbike School!

Trips on my BMW /5

My first one, which I still have is a 1972 BMW R75/5 (commonly called a 'slash 5').  Unfortunately for some time it has been down for repairs.  It is all in pieces right now, so I have to enjoy the Tiger.

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