Side Loaders
Another effective method of garbage collection is using a side loader truck.  This truck was pioneered by PakMor in 1947.  Its exprerience in manufacturing heavy-duty cylindrical boilers lead them to develop a cylindrical truck for garbage collection.  The garbage is thrown into an opening in the side of the truck.  A hydraulic ram or panel pushes the garbage towards the rear and into the body.  Once full, the hydraulic ram or panel serves as an ejector, allowing the load to be ejected horizontally (another first for this industry).  This eliminated the problems of instabilty when a truck tilts its body to tip a load.
The Pak-Mor Manufacturing Corp of San Antonio introduced this unusual cylindrical shaped truck in 1947.  Here is a 1958 model.

Here is how it dumps its load:

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The M-B Corporation of New Holstein, Wis introduced a general purpose side loaders.  As you can see, the compaction mechanism is a simple design - one large panel that pushes the load towards the rear.

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A more modern version of the side loader is the 1975 Helix model shown here, manufactured by Cobey Waste Control

As you can see from the packing cycle described below, this truck has an ejector panel independent from the hydraulic ram.  The ejector panel retains the load, preventing it from tumbling back into the loading area.

This truck was also designed to accept containers using a hydraulic lift mechanism.


The side loader cannot handle the bulky items a rear loader can because the compaction mechanism isn't designed to break them down (so if they don't fit into the opening they cannot be taken).  They can be placed on top of the truck or left for a rear loader to collect.  One advantage a side loader does have, is the shorter distance the men need to carry the garbage from the curb (and the ability to load the truck from either side).  With a stand-up cab, the truck can be a simple one-man curbside operation - an obvious savings in personnel.

Some new side load models feature a robotic arm which is design to pick up and empty standard containers without the operator leaving the truck.

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Helix photo from sales literature brochure by Cobey Waste Control.