Click to see details on the Load PackerGarwood trucks were the workhorse in the post-war 1940s period - other manufacturers really hadn't yet appeared on the scene.  As we discussed, the Load Packer was their first model.

By the mid-50s, this truck really meant business as heavier dutier versions of this truck came out, as evidenced by this snippet from a 1953 ad:

Click to see the entire ad of the Heavy Duty Load Packer

These trucks could handle bulkier refuse which included old tires, mattresses, oil drums, concrete blocks and so on.  Here is another ad showing the use of the Load Packer in Alabama in 1955.  Here we see the Loadpacker came in 10, 13, 16, 20 & 24 cu. yard bodies.
The next generation truck, the Load-Packer 600 came out in the late 50s, this particular photo appearing in the June 1959 issue of Public Works.

Unfortunately I do not have any further details on this truck, but the compactor mechanism is different than on the earlier models.  Unlike previous models, I believe the hopper could be loaded at any stage in the compaction cycle making for more efficient loading.

I also believe this is the truck from which the Japanese "Fuji-Mighty" garbage trucks are based, since Fuji Industries collaborated with Garwood in 1962 to develop a rear loader compactor for the Japanese market.  This truck bears some ressemblance to the current "Fuji-Mighty" design.  The main difference, the Fuji-Mighty had to be considerably smaller to be able to navigate narrow Japanese city streets.

Please e-mail me if you have further information on this truck.

By the mid-60s, Garwood developed a larger multi-purpose truck that could handle the volumes of munipcal waste with fewer trips to the dump. This truck, the T-100 featured a winch mechanism to tip and empty containers into its rear hopper.  A version of the T-100 could be operated as a front loader. Click to see details on the T-100

A question I get a lot is:  What happened to the Garwood company?  The answer is, it was taken over by the Heil Company in 1975.  So, it is no co-incidence that latest Garwood trucks at that time became part of the Heil line.  This 1985 Heil truck is basically unchanged from the latest Garwood model.  This is a very common truck still seen today, so as you can see, the Garwood name lives on!

-- If anyone knows of an early Garwood Truck, still operational, I would love to hear about it --

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