Front End Loaders
The front end loader is the newest innovation of all the types of garbage trucks covered here.  Based on the hopper concept, the front end loader would pick up a container with a mechanical arm, raise it up and tip it into the truck.  The front end loader was introduced by the Dempster Truck Co in the mid 1950s and they called those containers Dumpsters, a term we are very familiar with.  They saw limited used until the 1970s when it became apparent that the dumpsters were advantageous in handling large quantities of commercial and industrial waste.  The truck, which typically had a 35-40 cu yd capacity had no trouble coping with the growing commercial waste problems.  A business, for example a restaurant, office complex or service station would typically contract with the waste removal company to come and empty a dumpster on a set schedule.  This truck is favored by the major waste removal companies (i.e. Waste Management and BFI) to handle many of their commercial accounts.

Here we see a model of a modern front loader and how it handles the dumpster emptying operation.  A set of arms picks up the dumpster by a set of handles, lifts it up and tips it into an opening at top.  The dumpster usually has a lid to prevent any refuse from falling out.  A sliding door seals the opening on top fo the truck when garbage is not being emptied.  And like the early hopper trucks, it has an internal compacting panel which pushes the trash towards the rear of the truck.  When the rear hatch is opened, all of the trash can be pushed out of the truck without the need to tip the body.

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